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Babies rock your world
( … depending on what age and stage they’re in,
your world may be being rocked more or less extremely …).

Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens Tennessee

With the advice of my husband’s grandmother,
I bought our first ‘real’ camera – a Minolta X1 35mm – 35 years ago
when we were expecting our first baby. (It was my Christmas gift to husband
that I wanted to use – and he finished paying for it – ha).
From that spring, through 4 kids and to the present day,
‘kids’ – and mom life – have been 2 of my favorite subjects.

If you’re a mom – especially a new one – there’s no doubt you’re tired.
You need a nap. You need a shower. You might be hurting … in body and (or) mind.
You may wish you could be completely alone for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.
My encouragement to you would be “just be kind to yourself”.
Becoming and being a mom is a lifelong process – that lasts a lifetime.
Have no expectations in regard to ‘successful mothering’ …
especially based on the internet and mothering blogs.
(When our kids were small there was no ‘internet’ …
it HAS to be much more overwhelming with internet information overload.)

If this describes your time, feel free to “just be”.
You’ve done – and are doing – something AMAZING!
As a mom, skip chores if you want and don’t feel guilty. Slow down.
Make lazy days. ASK for help if you need it!
Find ONE friend you can depend on to ‘get in the trenches’ with you
… and be HONEST about how you’re feeling.
Get comfy on the couch ‘whenever’ – and sleep at every opportunity
(which may be weird times of the day)!
Stay home and enjoy tiny fingers and toes – and private smiles.
Get off this website and the whole internet for a day – or even a week!

Spend time with your ‘sunshine’
it will make you happy.

By definition, ‘Boutique’ is something precious, one-of-a-kind, and original.
Just like you two.

Wedding Picture Athens Tennessee Photography

Teaming with this type of service provider means you’ll enjoy a few things
that go above and beyond the average wedding photography experience:

* Contact and availability in methods that suit you best
* Care to capture, celebrate, and preserve your memories as if they were mine
* Proper equipment and continuing education
* Attention to detail from capture and edit, to final product
* Recognition of good, better, best – giving you ‘best’
* Careful and complete editing and retouching
* A complete line of archival image products
* Professionally handcrafted albums and wall art
* Lifetime guarantees
* Long term online backup and storage

There IS a difference … and it’s not just business – it’s personal!
A recent favorite,
“When You Dance At Your Wedding”
… Jonah and Rebecca:

Wedding Dance Picture Athens Tennessee Photographer

My services are intentionally more than showing up and burning a disc,
they are MORE of everything that’s important and valuable to you.
It’s more time well spent, more pictures worth keeping,
service specially catered to your needs,
and product of lasting value for your investment …
making the entire experience worth every penny.

Get some details … see some weddings …