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Every day is a good day for pictures
If you have a new baby, today is a good day for pictures.
If someone just lost their first tooth, today is a good day for pictures.
If you’ve come across something beautiful … different …
if the perfect hiking path has been discovered
or you just completed your first 5K,
today is a good day for pictures.

And if you got married in August,
today (well … yesterday actually) is a good day for pictures.

Wedding Photography Athens Cleveland Tennessee

“He’s in the army now.”
Joseph had just completed boot camp when he and Morgan were married in August,
a simple wedding with family and close friends and
then it was time to get right back to work!
So yesterday was ‘wedding picture’ day … a short time while home to capture
them in new life together before they head away again to base – and deployment.
Handsome guy in uniform … his one and only girl … so of course:

Athens Cleveland Tennessee Wedding Photography

Best wishes to you both for a lifetime! … and “Thank You Joseph” …
for offering more than the average person would
for the benefit of all the rest of us!

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Portrait Wedding Photography

Athens Tennessee newborn photographer

Photographing a newborn is not easy but if you’re determined to capture some
beautiful pictures of your own in home … a few sharing tips below:

* Safety First … Always
Realize that lots of cute newborn poses are Photoshop composites.
Babies (and their wobbly heads) don’t naturally assume froggy position,
and babies should never hang mid-air from anything without the support
of a spotter … later edited out.
(Leave the complex portraits to someone who knows how to safely set up
and never experiment with baby, keep it simple … tummy, side and back).

cleveland athens tennessee photographer

Newborn Baby Obi … !!!

* Use A Window or Open Door
Morning light through a pair of white sheers is some of the most beautiful light
you’ll ever find for ANY skin. Position baby near the window on a large cushion
or beanbag with top of the head toward the light, light should fall across baby’s face …
(and avoid photographing ‘up the nose’).
White poster or foam board positioned on the other side of baby,
opposite the light source will reflect light and lift shadows.

cleveland athens tennessee photographer

* Keep It Timely and Comfortable
Choose to photograph baby at a ‘sleepy’ time when YOU are well rested.
7 to 10 days old is ideal because they still want to curl up!
Keep your hands and the room warm, trim your fingernails and soften hands.
Wait for the healing of a circumcision (or photograph before the procedure) …
and always be aware of the cord if it hasn’t fallen off yet.
Babies need to be kept warm … so turn up the heat, setup away from drafts,
and consider a slightly warm – not hot – heating pad under the blankets …
It’s nice and cozy!
‘White noise’ will be useful in lulling baby to sleep.

* Color and Props
Think classic and timeless.
Today we’re inundated with colorful props, blankets, rugs, baskets, pails,
hats and headbands, but for timeless images, stop and consider that something ‘in’ today
might become terribly outdated in years to come – and it’s really all about ‘Baby’!
A simple hat or headband, a neutral background, and sweet baby skin
never ever go out of style, and you will have the classic print
to display for years that fits any decor.
Get close enough to capture baby and background only and eliminate
perimeter clutter that might detract from what is really worth seeing.

* Newborns are Fresh and ‘Light’
Delicate baby skin requires light post processing.
A little extra exposure in camera will brighten skin and lift shadows.
Check your camera manual to learn how to add some …
the amount needed will vary with already available light.

Ready now to try some captures of your own? I’d love to know how it goes for you!
For more info on what I do and why: Boutique Baby Photography

It’s Spring!
Look around the house … which wall needs a fresh face (or two)?

My number one piece of advice regarding family sessions?

* Make it an ‘appointment’.

This is something most people want to have … an experience they would really enjoy …
but unfortunately the time gets away from us, the desire is ‘forgotten’
(until we’re reminded again through the lack of a good recent picture),
or the picture is left unplanned even when we know people will be around.
If you’ve added family members, or more than a year has past since your last picture,
it’s surely time for an update.
Put on your favorite duds and do it.
If the planning part is stopping you or you’re not sure what colors work well together,
start by visiting the Pinterest Portrait Board for ideas …
Something ‘perfectly you’ may be there!

Life is memories.
‘Family Portrait Time’ becomes a good one of time spent together.