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Family Photographer Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

Who do know that can capture a child’s attention?
This girl right here.
Who do you know that wants to capture ‘real happy’ as much as you do?
This girl right here (even more actually).
And who do you know that will love your family in editing and make sure
your best moments are done well – timelessly – to keep forever?
This girl right here.

Because this girl right here LOVES your family …
loves for your kids (or everyone in your wedding party) to be
comfortable and have fun …
and I love for you to have proof on your walls, where everyone can see,
that there is connection, love, joy, fun, and laughter.

Portrait Wedding Photographer Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

When I come home and begin to edit pictures of anything …
whether it be a family or a wedding or a baby …
the only thing that really goes ‘out’ is the ‘out of focus’
(there’s no amount of editing that fixes or salvages that).
Details, moments, and subtle things that others might miss
are enhanced as if they were my own to be remembered always …
you’ll even enjoy a few ‘out takes’ (‘cuz sometimes that’s where the action is)!

‘Stuff’ is nice, and truly some things can make our lives so much easier,
but all those things go away eventually, never to return.
All people – and our memories – live somewhere forever.
And when you hang things like this on your wall,
I promise you’ll hear the laughter as you walk by.
As time passes they will become more valuable than any ‘thing’ you own.

Newborn Photographer Athens TN Tennessee

A new baby … a little man … such a sweet subject.
He came to visit my studio area and was the most perfect angel while being
prepped and placed in just the right way to look his very best.
In dreams they give the most fleeting – but most genuine – little smiles:

Cleveland Tennessee Newborn Photographer

Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens TN

Tiny toes and a full head of hair:

Newborn Photographer Cleveland TN Tennessee

And the sweet sleeping face you’ll never forget … ever present in pictures
when you want to go back to the moment and enjoy that feeling again:

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Newborn Pictures Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

You are so special little man … an extraordinary gift.

Photographer in Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

I’m always appalled by how fast 2nd semester of school goes.
You might not feel it as a student, but as a former teacher I always
found my spring to be loaded with programs, holidays, competition trips …
and ‘as soon as Christmas was over’, it was time to go to graduation – end of MAY.

Our four kids having been grown up and on their own for years,
and with my leaving the classroom, we’re definitely out of ‘school routine’.
And while I still have just a few piano students that I’m ‘seeing through’
before concentrating solely on this and ‘home on the farm’,

Cleveland Tennessee TN Photographer Senior Pictures

The school routine and the passage of time hit me ‘square’ again
with a present or former student to photograph for their senior session.
Open all the pictures up at home and … oh my goodness …
they’re all grown up and “when did THAT happen!”
… there’s that familiar ‘May’ feeling of ANOTHER year past
that you only feel with Seniors!

Tonight … Congratulations to Makenzie on her upcoming day.
If you know her, you know she’s a girl with ‘heart’.
She graduates as a senior this spring and started piano lessons
with me when she was in first grade. FIRST. GRADE.

Athens Tennessee TN Photographer

SURELY that couldn’t have been so long ago …