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This weekend … more graduations as we continue to march
our way to Memorial Day and the end of MAY – already!
One of my favorite things to do is go back through old pictures on the computer
(I get so easily stuck in there … hours and hours and …).
While looking back this week at past graduations of kindergarteners,
family, and friends, I came upon these …

Lifestyle portraits athens tennessee

The girl ‘long ago’ graduated and is around the world doing ‘life’ with husband.
But ‘little man’ is next up … this coming fall – off to kindergarten.
Yep … I’m talkin’ ’bout you buddy …

Lifestyle portraits athens tennessee TN

Hard to believe I know.

And this is why you NEED pictures … of your little ones, older ones,
family and friends. Because one day – quicker than you can imagine –
they will not be little – or near – anymore. And when you go through your computer,
or a family album … or pass the the refrigerator door tomorrow,
these will make you smile … just like they did the first time …
and it will feel like ‘yesterday’ again!