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Where Is Your Canvas?

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Fall Family Session . Whitestone Country Inn . Kingston TN

Look around your living room, family room, or entryway today.
Where is your family canvas? … Mounted piece in an easel? …
Large framed piece? … anything??

Our ‘growing’ family is due for another picture – we have new members!
And pictures around the house ‘keep them here’ … make you smile …
make you laugh … bring tears to your eyes (in a good way).
One of my listed ‘home projects’ for this year is to create a Gallery Wall.

Currently, there’s an outdated shelf in the living room supporting 8 frames,
4 of 4 awesome kindergarteners, and 4 larger frames of the
older ‘senior’ versions. “Through The Years” …
Now that we’ve added spouses and GRAND kids, that corner needs an update!
(What will I do with those little kiddos though…?)

Whatever we do needs to be appropriate for the house to come someday.
So right now I’m looking at creating a collection of sorts,
much like those shown at Tidbits and Twine
the ‘collected look’ of Pottery Barn (not necessarily FROM Pottery Barn,
though I do still have a hot little Christmas gift card to be used).

How about you?
How about your house?
Do you need that one ‘feature picture’ of your own for a start?
Remember, if all your images are on a disc, in a computer or phone,
the only person enjoying them is … no one
Let me help you get it ‘on paper’.
Start ‘small’ and add as you can!
We can even take a picture of your wall and let you see what your
pictures would look like on it – actual size.

Portrait Location Featured: Whitestone Country Inn Bed and Breakfast (and Family Dining)