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Little Men. Little Women. Memories

I LOVE littles … little men … little women.

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer Baby Picture

We have five of our own, and since they all live away we take
every opportunity to photograph whenever they come home.
Even when we miss our window of opportunity for the perfect fit
in clothing (which happens quite often with babies), we press on …

Baby Pictures Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photography

Little man Asa thought the whole thing hilarious:

Baby Picture Athens Cleveland Tennessee TN Photography

(Not sure though if he was laughing about his clothes …
or laughing at us laughing about his clothes):

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Baby Picture Photographer

Regardless, true success is in making a memory.
If you bring me your littles, we’ll make it a great experience!
We’ll get them to smile and laugh …
and try to get the serious and thoughtful one as well:

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Baby Picture Photographer

Oh. My. Heart.