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Babies In The House

Babies rock your world
( … depending on what stage they’re in,
your world may be being rocked more or less).

Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens Tennessee

With some suggestions from my husband’s grandmother, I bought
our first ‘serious’ camera (film … that’s all there was), a Minolta X1 35mm.
We were expecting our first baby.
(It was my husband’s Christmas gift that I wanted to use – ha).
And from that spring, through 4 kids and to the present day,
kids and ‘mom life’ have been 2 of my favorite subjects to capture.

If you’re a mom, especially a new one, there’s no doubt you’re tired.
You need a nap. You need a shower.
You might be hurting in body and (or) mind.
You might wish you could be alone for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.
My encouragement to you: “just be kind to yourself”.
Becoming and being a mom is a lifelong process that lasts a lifetime.
Have no expectations in regard to ‘successful mothering’,
especially based on the internet and mothering blogs.
(When our kids were small there was no internet and I can now
imagine how overloaded I would have felt with it!)

If this describes you, “just be”.
You’ve done and are doing something AMAZING!
Skip chores if you want and don’t feel guilty. Slow down.
Make lazy days. ASK for help if you need it!
Find ONE friend you can depend on to ‘get in the trenches’ with you
and be HONEST about how you’re feeling.
Get comfy on the couch ‘whenever’ and sleep at every opportunity
(which may be weird times of the day)!
Stay home and enjoy the tiny fingers, toes, and private smiles.
Get off this website and the internet for a day – or even a week!
It’s a refreshing ‘reset’ :)

Spend time with your ‘sunshine’
sunshine is good for us.