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The Beauty of the Wedding Cake

You pay a lot of money for wedding cake … I know.
They are intentionally made to be ‘beautiful to behold’… edible art.

Wedding Cake Picture Photographer Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN

Three best suggestions for greatly enhancing the beauty of your
once-in-a-lifetime cake or cupcake investment:
* put it next to a window
* add lights
* use a mirror

Wedding Cake Cleveland Athens Tennessee PhotographerWedding Cake Cleveland Athens TN Photography
In daylight or at night, any one of these suggestions
will make a big beautiful difference in your display.
Your photographer will “Thank You”!

Wedding Cupcakes Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN Photographer

Light is very important on its own,
but add some kind of reflection to that light (window or mirror),
and dessert will become ‘celebrity’ at the reception.

Wedding Cupcakes Picture Athens Cleveland Tennessee Photography

People will hate to take it apart, BUT they’ll take pictures first.
And those pictures will be beautiful.
Window … mirror … lights.

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