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Portrait Photographer in Cleveland Athens Tennessee

A Collection.
A Christmas Gift.
A Heritage Heirloom.
How about keeping your favorite and best in something beautiful? …
a handmade keepsake box, session files on a crystal USB with a bit of
beautiful silk ribbon, and actual prints!
Compare this to ‘disc’ and which will make a great expandable gift
for the grandparents – or your family – to enjoy?
As a mom … and a grandparent …
I know the answer!

(No one ever says, “oh I love your disc!” … ;)

Portrait Photography in Cleveland Athens Tennessee
Cleveland Athens TN Portrait Photographer
Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer

… you need a dose of ‘non drama’ today.
I’m getting ready to spend a week here with 2 grand boys, ages 4 and 6,
and they’re coming without their own puppy … (I think).
Guess I’ll know for sure when I see the car – ha.

Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee
Cleveland Athens TN Photographer