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When I get the urge to blog … really ‘blog’ (write) … it will most likely
not be about the last session or wedding that took place over the weekend,
but about LIFE today – and often thoughts about family.
Just one picture revisited brings thoughts flooding in …
Today’s ‘moment in time’, my kid with his kid:

Photographer in Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee

Asa … Age Two

If I EVER lose the several hard drives of family history that are sitting on my desk … well …
it will be “Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”!
Because they ARE important though, those pictures are everywhere, not just in the drives,
but on secondary USB, in frames, tabletop and wall galleries around the house …
stuck to the refrigerator … and online in family galleries
where we all have access (and backup) to the most recent get together.
I do not want to lose them!

“Time goes fast” is cliche, but the further along you get in life the more you actually FEEL it …
especially when you see your kids – with THEIR kids.
There’s a sweet ‘fullness of heart’ that comes with owning images like this
(as a close up photographer I put myself THERE … in the moment).
To be able to go back through them, see a great moment next to you on a side table,
or to be able to smile back at the smiling baby before you open the door to the ‘fridge’ …
every one of these is a reminder of how great life has been and how blessed we are!

I encourage you to spread it around to enjoy every day … time and life …
family … the things that produce fullness of heart.
Truly the WORSE thing that could happen to a sweet memory like this
would be losing the one and only digital copy you have in your phone!
Back them up, multiply them, print, share, and display …
one day your kids’ kids will be so glad you did!

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