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Summer is over. Labor Day is ‘come and gone’,
and last year’s group of seniors is now in college …

Wedding Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens Tennessee

Those who are seniors this year really have no idea how fast the year will go by
… how fast time in general goes by!
Daughter and her husband returned to the states this month for his brother’s wedding.
A friend posted on his Facebook that the time of seeing one another again was an …
incredible time catching up and seeing how adulthood has treated us
after college. ‘This is my husband’ … ‘meet my wife …’ Wow!
We actually did it. We ‘grew up’!

But not yet. Not really …

Our ‘nest’ was emptied 5 years ago, and for some time (a few years actually),
I felt slightly ‘lost’ with my purpose and routine (to be expected perhaps
after shopping, cooking, and cleaning for 6 and now there are ‘2’ at the table).
Eventually you move on and discover there are different things to do,
exciting opportunities to focus fully on what used to be ‘dreams’ …
and you realize you haven’t really in fact “grown up” yet.
“Growing up” is a process that takes place every day you wake up.

You may graduate from high school or college but you’re never ‘done’.
One day you may likely find yourself doing things in a completely
different field than the one you chose when heading off to college.
Hard to imagine but that’s how it works when you keep growing up!