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one of the best times to capture a classic (and classy) family portrait
with beautiful neutral colors that fit virtually any home decor.
Add a pop or splash of your favorite color with jeans (always appropriate
dressed up or down) or make family portrait day less casual and more special
(and follow it with a really cool dinner together somewhere)!

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Four Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Family Session:

* Plan Your Clothing Carefully
This is the one piece of advice that will make or break the look of your finished portrait.
Plan ahead and get involved (or get me involved!) with the choices.
Seriously, I will come to your house and look in your closets with you
(no worries – mine is worse).
You’ll be so glad you spent time on this one because
it’s really REALLY not a good idea to just tell people,
“Dress up tomorrow … wear blue … we’re having our picture made.”

* Keep It Simple
We want to focus on faces and personality – not clothes.
Choose a simple coordinating, rather than matching, color scheme as a
starting point, and add punches of color with accessories or small
clothing items.
For a little more variety and ‘you’, you might consider choosing one subtle print
(in a sweater, skirt, shirt, or scarf for one person)
and pull all the other outfit colors from that print.

Looking for clothing or color ideas? Visit Pinterest: Plan A Portrait Session

* Arrive Rested and Refueled (not hungry … especially with kids)
Try to arrange your session time to fall just after (not before) any
regularly scheduled naps or meals … the dinner thing may be a little harder
to work around with afternoon-evening sessions, that’s why we have snacks!
(I’ll always ask your permission before offering any edible rewards …)
It helps us to avoid meltdowns and ‘Hangry’ (Hungry-Angry) …

family portrait cleveland athens madisonville tennessee photographer

* Specifically Ask Dad To Get On Board
it’s usually Mom who wants family pictures and does the wrangling to accomplish it.
Get Dad involved and ask for cheerful, eager help.
It makes a HUGE difference!
I love to take pictures of the whole family whenever we’re together,
and because my husband knows it’s important to me he’s ‘all in’ when it
comes to helping and making it something quick and ‘fun’ to do.
When one grownup is detached, disinterested, or just plain
doesn’t want to be there … the attitude can spread very quickly.
But kids love … LOVE … to do things with Dad …
how much better when Dad is ‘fun’!

There you are … 4 things to keep in mind …
and now you’re ready to create a perfect family portrait.

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Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse.
“It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time,
not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”
(Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit)

They fly by so quickly … the days of ‘little’.
Smack in the middle of it you don’t realize, and sometimes even wish for
particular days to move along a little faster,
but before you know it chubby hands are gone … school is over …
the days – and the house – are calm and quiet again (or for the first time).

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Happy funny chubby times … and the occasional serious side.

cleveland athens tennessee portrait photographer

A little Miss started to leave out the door after her appointment a couple days ago
and then quickly turned back while at the same time saying in her 2 year voice
“I forgot! … kisses! …”.
I gladly accept those … I’m ‘Dee’ at heart!

Everyone knows that nothing moves as quickly as a good time …
heed this reminder that nothing is as valuable as the image taking you back to it.
(And if you’re currently living with toddlers – ENJOY! …
the common luxury of a napping once in awhile … when they do …
often changes a long busy day!)

Love, Dee