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His Girl

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer

One of the biggest differences between professional and amateur,
aside from education and training, or knowing how to ‘make’ an image,
is in knowing what to show … what’s really worth keeping?
(Basketball, volleyball, or baseball pictures with no basketball,
volleyball, or baseball in sight can send me over the edge – ha.)

This is what photographers (should) do – capture … cull … edit for BEST.
‘Keepers’ are always the goal, the ones that stir you up inside!
Seriously, in spite of what appears to be the norm today, no one
needs a LOT of pictures … but it’s worth paying for a few GREAT ones.
And these special shots deserve to shine for ‘ever after’ in print …
the memory and moment there to see somewhere in the house for years to come,
made into a gift portrait (for sure), placed in an album, or given
a home in a keepsake box … others to be added over time.

Up above is one good Pop …
and in this moment his girl only had sparkly eyes for him!
In years to come she won’t remember this day at. all.
… but she WILL be able to look at this picture
and know the feeling was mutual.