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Life Is Custom. Wall Art Should Be Too.

Your family pictures
wedding pictures … baby pictures … are all unlike anyone else’s – anywhere.
That’s the definition of custom!
Where are your custom images? In the computer? …
On your phone? … or displayed to be enjoyed?
Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision on what to print,
exactly how to print it, and where to hang it.
But what if it were possible to see in ‘real life’ what a piece would
look like on the wall BEFORE you actually committed to a size?

Possible is here …

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer Canvas Print

As a full service photographer committed to offering ‘family as art’,
one of the features you’ll see in your proof gallery will be your images
placed in a room, scaled to size … it can even be your own room,
or one of the walls you’ve been “wanting to finish” for awhile!

Size is relative.
Most believe an 8 x 10 to be large, and it IS large
… if you’re talking about a desk or book shelf.
On the 8 foot wall though? … ‘larger’? … 11 x 14? 16 x 20?
How about 30 x 40 as shown above (true scale).
Better … and right – though larger than you might have been thinking.
It may have been something you just couldn’t imagine …

Sized correctly, our pictures look great and we LOVE them even more.
Everything – a single framed image, canvas, or collage set – can be previewed ‘in place’.
I’ll help you ‘see it’ … I’ll help you hang it properly.
“Spend it on the wall!”
You’ll be so glad you did.
Family (or ‘home’) as art.
Planned. Captured. Hung with pleasure, pride …
and love.

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