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Once in awhile …

… the urge to blog ‘personally’ kicks in.
Any day now we welcome another little one, and whenever that happens it’s a
good excuse (like I need one …) to go back and look at the others:

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee Photographer

At the time, he was “one and only”.
Now he’s ‘6’ and this week we wait for the sixth.
I LOVE this picture.
You know that PierOne commercial where you find what ‘speaks to you’?
This speaks to me.
He looked at me and now I have it forever.

Some people scrapbook, some journal.
I photograph … ‘collect’ life … (and go back over it a lot).
It’s important to find daily activities or processes that keep
you grounded …
connected to feeling, family, and life in general.
And how much better if, while in the process, we can provide the same
kind of “feeling good” for others!