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Planning A Family Session

Family Portrait Photographer in Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

A great family picture or collage hanging over the fireplace
or stairway doesn’t happen by accident … it happens with planning.
Is there a space in your home waiting to be filled with ‘special’ …
… something that has meaning … that isn’t just a ‘decoration’
from the local store or Hobby Lobby (I do love Hobby Lobby though!).
What should be in that spot? Does it need to be framed?
How big? What color should it be?
And should it be a canvas? … or something a little more modern?
“I can’t decide … ”

Indecision is one of the biggest blocks to having a family portrait.
We’re afraid it has to be ‘the one’ … to last a long time …
when it really just needs to be people we love right now … together.

Family pictures Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer

Families grow and change.
With portraits, there will never be a time to get ‘the one’
but there’s lots of time to get a great one if we:

* Simply decide to do it
“Someday is not a day of the week”
but we use “someday” when it comes to home and family projects.
This is important.
One day it will be ‘heirloom’.
Make the decision.

* Choose a spot
It CAN be changed. It doesn’t have to be permanent.
You will not be ‘stuck’ with it.
The empty wall, stairway, front door entry, hallway, the space over a headboard …
If planned properly, your pieces will look great in more than one area.
Move them around and enjoy them even as family changes and new pieces are highlighted.

* Make the appointment
with someone able to ‘follow through’.
There’s great value in using a full service portrait photographer.
Some people love for everything in their home to be ‘just right’.
Professional portrait planners consider your style taste, home decor and colors,
and apply that to what you wear and how it’s framed.
We’re trained to help you, and have access to exclusive material sources.
This can ‘make or break’ the beauty of your piece and success of your session.
Paying a little more often means there are worthwhile benefits.
You have a better experience … and receive a better product.

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I look forward to helping you with that plain wall!