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Baby Dreams

Don’t you wonder sometimes exactly WHAT they might be thinking
or seeing in dreams,
when their little faces are seemingly so deep in thought?

Cleveland Athens TN Portrait Photographer Newborn Picture

Baby Dreaming …
“Some people dream of angels …
moms – and dads – hold one in their arms.”

The dream of having them ‘in our world’ (as one of the girls would say)
is 9 months in the making and sometimes painfully longer in the imagination.
They say great things always take time.
Really sweet things take 9 months and sometimes years mixed with disappointment.

Having had four with five miscarriages mixed in along the way,
my mom heart knows that one of the truly best gifts is a baby.
It’s not an easy one but it’s a good one, one that doesn’t always ‘just happen’.
Celebrate … appreciate …
be full of wonder in seeing one or having one.
They are truly remarkable!
Be patient if the dream requires time, and enjoy every minute if it comes true.
Live life slowly on purpose with a dream in the house …
and know you are blessed.

Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN Photographer Newborn Baby Picture