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Cleveland Athens TN Maternity Portraits

Love Love LOVE these pictures
(bottom line … I just plain love babies).
And I truly understand and appreciate the hard work and love
that comes with bringing them into the world today.
It’s a big deal to be responsible for shaping a life …
it has to be a very selfless thing …
but it can be one of the most rewarding of life’s challenges.
EVERY life has purpose.
Our own four and their own littles are so much JOY …
their purpose showing up more and more every day.

Last week, while looking forward to being able to photograph
our own little Miss who just entered ‘our world’ in September,
I had the the opportunity to photograph Mandi and Josh
with the little Miss they’re soon expecting:

Maternity Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN

She will be ‘joy’ and one day will surely appreciate being able to
see how Mama and Papa loved her right now …
how they looked forward to her coming!
Maternity pictures, like the wedding pictures, are once-in-a-lifetime captures
that will be considered ‘heirloom’ by future generations.

Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN
Cleveland Athens Tennessee Maternity Portrait Photographer
Cleveland Athens TN Maternity Portrait Photography
Maternity Portrait Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer
Maternity Photography Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN
Maternity Pictures Cleveland Athens Tennessee Photographer