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Mama and Me Portrait Sessions

Do you have a particular ‘Mom’ name’?
To two I’m “Mom”, to the other two, usually “Mama”, and five
(soon to be 6) little people call me ‘Dee’ – music to my ears!
While looking forward to the role,
I wasn’t quite ready to be ‘Grandmother’, ‘Grandma’,
‘Nana’ (or the southern … “Granny” – even though I had one)!
My initial became ‘Dee’.
And happily it has proven to be one of the 1st things they say!

Cleveland Athens Tennessee TN Portrait Photographer

From now ’til Mother’s Day I’m framing moms – whatever they call you.
A sad fact is that mothers are not often in pictures with the kids.
It’s not because they’re not there, they’re just busy taking pictures!
Such a shame really, because one day the ‘now grown up’ sort through
the photo boxes and wonder where mom is!

Here’s something for her to keep close to heart,
something only she will use – with no work required.
Just LOVE … and that makes the perfect kind of gift.

The Floating Heart Necklace
* a polished stainless locket with clear glass set into a beveled frame
* magnets for a secure locket closure
* a removable free-floating bezel personalized with your image
* a clear, protective, hard surface guaranteed not to yellow
* and a 30-inch antique silver necklace chain

If we’ve already had a session, we can use one of those images.
If you have a favorite of your own you’ve taken we can work with that.
And if you have no image … please … lets correct that right away!

Cleveland Athens Tennessee Portrait Jewelry Necklace

You may have to share the post link as a subtle hint to husband,
dad, or other gift givers (but that’s really what they want you to do anyway).
Men greatly dislike being at a loss for ideas when it comes to gifts!

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