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Coming To The South: Big Snow

Family in Boston has been buried in snow all winter … I never see
a single picture on Facebook – and life ‘goes on’.
Threaten ‘big snow’ here in Tennessee and school is already cancelled
for tomorrow – and probably Friday … (with not a flake in the sky yet) …
people are showing pictures of their bread and milk supply.
What was it? … like … 70 inches so far in Boston this winter?
We would die.

Throwback to January 2011 …
He was FAT and 6 feet tall.
I think there will be enough snow this time to ‘rebuild’ Harry
(or a relative), but seeing as the kids are not here
I think we’ll just look out the window … and imagine him …
while enjoying hot coffee, tea, and cocoa inside!
You’re welcome to use him as your model tomorrow ;)

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