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Creativity and Time

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Photographer

It’s everywhere – because ‘people’ are everywhere.
I believe there’s a creative bone (maybe small or ‘unknown’)
in every single body no matter your age, location, or circumstances.
We make, make do, fix it up, create.
We ‘think it up’.
Creativity is part of our nature.

And it’s a good thing we’re not obligated to find one thing to do
and stick with it forever … can you imagine?!
One of the great things about creating, imagining, being a ‘maker’,
is that it never ends.
You can find something you like, work on it, then add something else,
or go off in an entirely new direction!
And while we might wish for more hours in the day or longer naps
for the kids, we never need wish for “something to do”.

This afternoon I spent some time on the web admiring an abundance of creativity.
There was Adobe Stock (beautiful),
CreativeLive (challenging),
Etsy (no explanaion needed) and
PixelSquid (yes … a real place).
There are an awful lot of people in the world making a point of working on
and giving time to things for which they have a passion.
And (unless it’s your actual job), no one generally has ‘hours’ for creating.
It’s necessary to enjoy random opportunities …
and never compare yourself or your skills to another
(which requires being somewhat detached from the web).

Have a special interest? What are you learning? What are you making?
Are you growing?
Take advantage of minutes.
Make (even little bits of) time count for the process of learning or improving things …
don’t forget your self!