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The Wall. Fill It Up

Everyone loves sharing pictures with family and friends
but when it comes to decorating the walls in your home,
“gift print” sizes are just not it.

When we were first married I admittedly made
the common mistake of decorating without even thinking
about size and proportion on walls.
I had an 8 x 10 hanging over a dresser in my first’s nursery
(not this actual picture but it’s a PERFECT example):


Surprisingly, not even an 11 x 14, which many consider to be large,
is appropriate for a wall if it’s not matted or in a grouping:

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How large should a picture be on the wall?
Large enough to add presence to the room without looking ‘puny’.
The basic rule: the larger the space, the larger the piece (or collage),
and coordinate to the weight of furniture and accessories in the room.

Most walls need at least 20 x 30 for a main piece:

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And for impact or ‘statement’ with a special piece, you might try 30 x 40:

Photographer Cleveland Athens Tennessee Portrait Picture

Say “No” to gift print size on the wall
and let these smaller pictures find a home on the desk,
a side table, dresser, or in a bookshelf grouping.

The room in the pictures above could have been yours!
With today’s technology it’s possible to show you your pictures,
single or collaged, on an actual wall in your home
… that wall you wish you knew how to finish!

“Try Before You Buy” … exactly.