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Digital Files Are Temporary

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I don’t need prints or anything, just the disc.”
It’s a common statement made by everyone having their pictures made,
encouraged by well meaning friends and wedding planners.
But who hangs a disc on the wall or displays it for friends?
Before you ask for a disc alone, ask yourself 3 questions:

* Have you ever scratched a disc or had one become ‘unreadable’?
* Have you ever had a camera or phone stop working?
* Have you ever lost a hard drive?
“Yes … Yes … and YES.” Horrible experience.

Having come only 20 years with digital, we really have no idea how long a file lasts.
You can be sure it’s only as safe as the method used to store it,
and available only if you have what’s needed to read it.
A digital file is not archival, it’s not a ‘safe’ thing to save.
Archival prints cared for correctly will last over 100 years!

Real value is in a print, made to last, given a place of importance.
One day future family members will go through our things and hold up a disc,
“What do you think this is?” …
Guaranteed! … because that’s what happens with passing generations.
Technology changes.
Truth is that right now we’re already moving away from disc,
and ‘cloud storage’ is the new thing.
Where exactly is ‘the cloud’?

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Lets take our pictures out of the phone and computer and enjoy them!
* One of the best ways to preserve a keepsake image you HIGHLY value is to print
a couple copies and store them flat between acid free tissue in a cool safe place.
You can always take another picture of a picture,
but a corrupted file is GONE.

Digital files are temporary captures.
If you do have a collection of them, be sure you’re backing up the “keepers”:
* One copy on a hard drive
* One copy in print
* One copy off site, online, or in ‘the cloud’ in case of fire!
3 copies, 2 versions (print and digital), 1 off site.
Your portrait or wedding photographer should do the same …

I’m ready for you!