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The Family Portrait

Family Photographer Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

Who do know that can capture a child’s attention?
… someone who wants to capture ‘real happy’ as much as you do?
… who will love your family in editing and make sure
your best moments are done well – timelessly – to keep forever?
This girl right here.

Because I LOVE your family … and love for your kids
(or everyone in your wedding party) to be comfortable and have fun.
I love for you to have proof on your walls, where everyone can see,
that within your family there’s connection, joy, fun, and laughter.

Portrait Wedding Photographer Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

Having ‘stuff’ is nice (and truly some things make living so much easier),
but all those things go away eventually, never to return.
People – and our memories – all live forever.
And when you hang things like this in your home,
I promise you’ll hear the laughter as you walk by.
As time passes this will become more valuable than any other ‘thing’ you own.