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Family Portrait Tradition: Watts Bar Lake

It’s good to do a little blogging about your personal life
sometimes it results in finding and making new friends …
and perhaps new contacts for business when you’re not even marketing for it.

A few years ago I created a post that starred one of husband’s fish –
fished right out of the local Watts Bar Lake here in Tennessee
( … one of many such posts. We get along well …
I love fish …
husband fishes.)

A family from the Midwest found me as a photographer by googling
“Watts Bar Lake” … and up came husband’s fish a second time.
That particular year they were coming to the lake,
had a new grand baby – and wanted some family pictures made
while they were all together. I know the feeling well!

Last week my favorite Iowans returned with even more members.
“I feel like you’re part of our family!”
It’s nice to hear that … and I always feel the same …

Now there are eight …
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