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Family Portraits Knoxville Tennessee TN

so many beautiful places around East Tennessee for pictures!
One thing to keep in mind when you think a spectacular location
for background is a must:

* There is very little space or ‘surround’ required
for a great portrait – more important is great light …
and the person being photographed!

We have a really great picture of my mom that dad took years ago.
She was standing under a tree … or grape arbor …
surrounded by leaves overhead and at both sides …
light coming from the front.

That was one of his best, taken in a space about 4 feet square.

You probably have a bunch of photo spots
around your own backyard or neighborhood …
but perhaps don’t consider them ‘great’ because you’re looking
for an area much larger than it needs to be!

Today’s share … family.
If you ever get a craving for some great Chinese food,
visit China East in Sweetwater Tennessee.
Chean will prepare you a fantastic meal …
ask for some crab rangoon – it’s delicious!

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