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The Newborn Session

Cleveland Tennessee Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

With every newborn session
we’re never ever in a hurry, specially taking all the necessary
breaks for feeding, changing, or soothing.
Babies like to take their time without being rushed and time is ours to gently offer,
so you’ll likely find this session to be more caring and catering toward you and your baby
than the 30 minute session you may have experienced somewhere else.
What would be your preferred session style?
You can choose to stay cozy at home for a family lifestyle session and I’ll ‘bring it all’ to you,
or come enjoy a private studio experience with backdrops, wraps, baskets, and accessories.

What To Expect
Newborn sessions are scheduled for mornings at 10.
And with feedings, changing, arranging and smile-coaxing it’s not uncommon for us to use a full 2 hours.
The standard session fee covers the entire portrait experience regardless of time.

There’s no need to dress up – or “make up” – for this session,
and if I’m coming to you, no cleaning allowed.
Coming here? … just ‘arrive’ and you’ll find a soft chair,
pillows, refreshment and a ‘break’.
My experience with babies is not just business, but in having had 4 of my own – plus!

Need a little more information?
Call: 423.507.4350 or Email:

Newborn Photographer in Cleveland Athens Knoxville TN

Sessions are followed up in a few days
with a viewing and ordering appointment, your opportunity to see your images on screen AND in print.
And while there’s no obligation to purchase anything,
you’ll have the option to have what you LOVE delivered in the form that fits you and your life best …
art, album, gifts, or announcements.

Standard Starting Session Fee: $300
$150 covers session capture and editing time
$150 is applied as credit toward any portrait package.

Because newborns become less sleepy, less flexible,
and more aware of their surroundings with each day,
the ideal time for pictures is within 2 weeks of birth

Newborn Photographer Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee

photographer in Cleveland Athens Knoxville TennesseeCleveland Athens Knoxville TN Photographer

Newborn Photographer in Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

The Boutique Baby Portrait Plan
Offers 3 sessions for 3 stages
(Newborn, Sitter, and First Birthday)
with special image products available for each stage.

Newborn portrait sessions are booked within a ‘due date window’
by calling Debbi at 423.507.4350 or message through the contact form.
I’d be happy to give YOU a quick call!