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I Love Those Babies …

… and can totally relate to (or commiserate with) this sleepless time of life!

Here or in your home, I take the safety, care and handling of baby very seriously
with experience not just in business, but in 4 of my own!

Because they become less sleepy, less flexible and more aware with each passing day,
the ideal age for pictures is within 2 weeks of birth.
I know exactly how hard it can be to get out with a new little one.
So … just ‘arrive’ – and come comfortable.
I’ll welcome you with a soft chair, soft pillow, refreshment and ‘a break’.

Newborn Pictures Portrait Photographer Athens Tennessee

You can expect a newborn session to last 1 to 2 hours …
for as long as it takes to capture a sufficent set of images.
We do our best to prepare and hope for ‘sleepy baby’,
but should ‘wide awake’ be the plan for the day, we wait …
capture what we can – and sometimes that means a little extra time together!

Lets put your ‘due date window’ on the calendar and you can decide later
whether to make it a ‘Family At Home’ lifestyle session
or studio appointment with the bowls, wraps, and accessories …

Newborn Portrait Information and Pricing