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Wedding and Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens Knoxville

It’s a cup of refreshment
a quiet room …
a warm beanbag, and blankets for baby.
Wraps, baskets, and bowls from which to select …
… maybe some teddy bear ears!
(or a vintage lace bonnet) …
a special wardrobe to choose from for the ‘sitter’.

It’s one whole hour of devoted attention to you and baby
(while you enjoy a restful ‘watch’ from a comfy chair).
The result is a collection of 20 captures (we wait for at least one smile).
Then you’ll be given the opportunity to view your images privately
joined by whoever you’d like to have with you.
Once again refreshment … and plenty of time to enjoy your
pictures and make decisions.

portrait photographer cleveland athens tennessee
portrait photography athens knoxville tennessee

Wall piece? Boutique Book? Album? Image blocks?
Perhaps the full Baby Suite:
announcements, art, album or alternative,
specially packaged proofs with USB digital files and
you’ll be on your way – with exactly and only what you wanted!
Custom photography and the newborn session in particular
is a luxury (rather than necessity) … chosen as a priority.
Luxury is in choosing exactly what we want …
priority is investing in what’s most important to us.
The newborn session offers both!

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… the urge to blog ‘personally’ kicks in and, contrary to what some say
about keeping ‘personal’ off a business website, I just get on with it.
After all … I’m a whole person – not just business.
You probably are too, and hopefully – once in awhile – don’t mind
reading the ‘personal’ and not just all business or marketing.

Any day now we welcome another little one into the family,
and whenever that happens it’s a good excuse (like I need one …)
to go back and look at the others:

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee Photographer

6 whole years since he had a bath in my sink.
At the time, he was “one and only” … this week we wait for number 6.
And I LOVE this picture. You know the commercial for PierOne
where you find what ‘speaks’ to you?
This. This speaks to me.
I remember when he looked at me and now I have it forever.

Some people scrapbook, some journal.
I photograph … ‘collect’ life (and go back over it a lot).
It’s important to find those daily activities or processes that keep
you grounded and connected to feeling, family, and life in general.
How much better if, while in the process, you can provide the same
kind of “feel good” connections for others!