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Offering ‘best’ – whether seniors, weddings, or newborns – means that
every session results in some form of print.
So digital files aren’t available?! Oh Yes. They are.
But I truly believe the images we love are at their very best enjoyed daily ‘in home’,
not in the phone or ‘one of millions’ on the web.

People enjoy print and usually have more than one favorite that could be grouped,
not necessarily in an album or photo book.
Many product and framing options qualify as ‘alternative albums’,
simple collections of your favorite images:

portrait photographer cleveland tennessee

There’s something a lot more ‘real’ about print!

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Photographer

It’s everywhere – because ‘people’ are everywhere.
I believe there’s a creative bone (maybe small or ‘unknown’)
in every single body no matter your age, location, or circumstances.
We make, make do, fix it up, create.
We ‘think it up’.
Creativity is part of our nature.

And it’s a good thing we’re not obligated to find one thing to do
and stick with it forever … can you imagine?!
One of the great things about creating, imagining, being a ‘maker’,
is that it never ends.
You can find something you like, work on it, then add something else,
or go off in an entirely new direction!
And while we might wish for more hours in the day or longer naps
for the kids, we never need wish for “something to do”.

This afternoon I spent some time on the web admiring an abundance of creativity.
There was Adobe Stock (beautiful),
CreativeLive (challenging),
Etsy (no explanaion needed) and
PixelSquid (yes … a real place).
There are an awful lot of people in the world making a point of working on
and giving time to things for which they have a passion.
And (unless it’s your actual job), no one generally has ‘hours’ for creating.
It’s necessary to enjoy random opportunities …
and never compare yourself or your skills to another
(which requires being somewhat detached from the web).

Have a special interest? What are you learning? What are you making?
Are you growing?
Take advantage of minutes.
Make (even little bits of) time count for the process of learning or improving things …
don’t forget your self!

Wedding and Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens Knoxville

A quiet room,
a cup of refreshment,
fresh, clean, warm blankets for baby atop a cushy beanbag.
Wraps, baskets, and bowls from which to select …
… maybe a vintage lace bonnet – or teddy ears!
And if we’re beyond newborn, there’s a custom wardrobe for the sitter.

This is the newborn session …

… one to two hours of devoted attention to you and baby
(while you enjoy a restful ‘watch’ from the comfy chair).
The result is a collection of 20 to 30 captured poses from which to choose favorites.
You’re given the opportunity to view your images privately
(baby protected from prying eyes online)
joined in the reveal by whoever you’d like.
Once again refreshment – and plenty of time to enjoy your

portrait photographer cleveland athens tennessee
portrait photography athens knoxville tennessee

Wall piece? Boutique Book? Full size album? Image blocks?
Perhaps the Baby Suite
announcements, art, album, and specially packaged proofs with files on USB
will cover your needs and you’ll be on your way
with exactly and only what you wanted!
Custom photography and the newborn session in particular is a luxury.
It’s not a necessity or your average yearly budget item, but it IS a nice ‘extra’…
made a priority just like anything else we decide to spend our money on.
Priority is buying what’s most important to us.
Luxury is getting exactly what we want.
The newborn session offers both!

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