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Pictures of Moments to Remember

Happiness … Peace … Contentment.
Baby perfectly happy in the arms of mama,
mama at peace knowing little one is content.
Doesn’t it feel so good when that little head
is tucked under your chin?!

The first 2 to 4 weeks can be so hard.
You lie down for sleep you’re dying to have, only to be up again in what
seems like a few minutes (though it may have been 3 or 4 hours).

And then there are the moments …

Newborn Portrait Photography in Cleveland Athens Tennessee

Great moments in pictures, whether joyful, peaceful, beautiful, or silly,
thrill your heart when they show up in the camera.
And while it might sound crazy, many of my favorites are
not ‘mine’ … they’re just pictures that stir something up
and remind me of things.
These are pictures you can stare at for hours.
It’s more than ink on paper, it’s a trip back to a great memory.

Cleveland Athens TN Portrait Photography

Photographer Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens TN Tennessee

Sometimes you can still hear them laugh