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Athens Tennessee Rustic Sunshine Wedding

Summer …
the brightness of yellow and rustic camp atmosphere were perfect backdrops
(and ‘every little thing’ made by bride, groom, and family).

Yellow, gray, chalk board black, wood, jute, and natural green,
combined with light gray skies.
A sudden downpour never hurt anybody,
especially not a bride and groom with a golf umbrella!
If you’re collecting color ideas for a wedding,
or if you’re a Pin collector as Kelsey is, “have at it”:

Wedding Color Cleveland Athens Tennessee Wedding Photographer
Some summer sunshine details below … with more of Andrew and Kelsey soon:

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee Wedding Portrait Photographer

Wedding Rings Summer Wedding Athens Tennessee Photographer

Wedding dress picture Cleveland Athens Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

wedding ceremony chalk board aisle markers Wedding Photographer Cleveland Athens Tennessee

rustic wedding reception dinner menu Cleveland Athens TN photographer

Cleveland Athens TN wedding reception photography sweets table picture

Wedding photographer Cleveland Athens TN cake pine cone topper

Cleveland Athens Tennessee wedding pictures photographer cupcake tower

reception lights mason jar candle Cleveland Athens TN wedding photographer

wedding photographer yellow reception hydrangeas Cleveland Athens Tennessee

rustic yellow wedding reception picture Cleveland Athens Tennessee photography