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Write A Great Story

Senior Picture Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens Tennessee

Getting to graduation day seems like it takes FOR. EV. ER.
But one day (unless you become a professional student) you’ll look back
at your high school years, or college years … or your ‘young married’ years
and say “man, that went soooo fast!”

Whether born and raised with country in your blood or big city bred,
time is universal … we all get the same 24 hours in a day.
Whether you’re a student, or the senior well up in years,
we each have just this one ‘page’ to write each day.

Make the story a good one, one you’ll be happy and pleased to read
in years to come – or tomorrow.
Be strong in what matters, dream big dreams,
“Don’t forget where you came from …
and don’t forget who you belong to”!
You can do it.
Start today …
Start now.