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Summer Pictures at the Farm

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Summer is good but summer is almost over … most kids already
back to school and we’re beginning to get hints of cool crispness in mornings.
(Definitely not there yet as it was 88 at the farm yesterday afternoon,
but the hope is there … the hope is there.)

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I was telling the girls yesterday that for us growing up
school never started ’til September, sometimes after Labor Day.
All of June, July, and August was summer vacation, and we got out
with Memorial Day.
Yes. Labor Day to Memorial Day.
WHEN was this you ask? … not recently.
But I still try very hard to hold to it myself!
For the very few piano students I still teach,
we never start ’til after Labor Day,
because summers are best when they’re nice and looooooong …

(Our oldest grand headed for Kindergarten – first day – on August 9th.
AUGUST NINTH … that’s like … near the end of July!
While we were excited for his first experience with ‘school’,
I felt so sad for his ‘summer’ – ha)