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Photography Athens Tennessee

Why yes … my Christmas wreath IS still up in February … beautiful and REAL!

Do we have a snow blower? No.
Snow shovel? No.
Do I even own a pair of winter boots? No, no, no.
Having grown up near Chicago and living 20 more years in southern Illinois,
we’re not strangers to snow.
But I’ve become comfortably accustomed to the south – and LOVE the lack of it.

After months of remodeling, old cabinets occupying his space since last March,
Mr. Tom finally got things moved around and was able to park IN THE GARAGE last night just in time.
The northerner DID go to work this morning …
“no hill for a climber” he said.
To my northern Indiana sister who goes to work every day …
even if the snow is 3 feet deep …
this post is hilarious.

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Snow Photography Athens Tennessee
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