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Taking Time

This picture was one of two lost last week
‘When The Internet Ate My Blog’“.
So sad.

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Though I don’t exactly remember all the text, the picture can be reposted.
(And though I may lose my text, train of thought, or mind – pictures are backed up!

The post was a simple ‘talking to myself’ answer to many problems.
It seems that when things are going wrong or we just don’t feel right,
one of the best things to do is simply “Take Time” …

Take time to relax and read a good book with a little person.
Take time to sit quietly and think about your path.
Take time to do something right the first time.
Take time to enjoy pleasure in the ordinary.
Take time for a long soak in the tub – or a leisurely dinner with family.
Take time to enjoy people … take the time to enjoy being alone.

And take time to back up your blog.
If Martha Stewart ever works on her own blog (which I kinda doubt)
she’d probably agree that that’s a good thing.