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This Land

We began a new path last summer with finally finding a place that is us …
maybe not as much me as husband – but I’m enjoying it just the same.
I make no claims to being a farm girl – or even an outdoor girl
( … love camping as long as you can offer air conditioning,
electricity, a nice shower, and my curling iron).
But I do enjoy country living, outside city limits with the space and quiet
it brings, love the East Tennessee mountains, and really enjoy fresh garden
(until abundant zucchini makes you crazy).
This is the place we were looking for 20 years ago.

Today while the first row for asparagus was being plowed I took
the opportunity to just wander around and photograph ‘stuff’,
keeping the blog and connection to our life fresh.
This is the ‘outdoor studio’ (and in spring it looks pretty amazing)…
I’d love to share it with you!

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