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What an end to 2013!
Family and friends from around the country and around the world …
Christmas and a wedding within 3 days of each other.
Our Christmas tree is still up (having decorated just a few days
before Christmas, I’ve not gotten Christmas ‘out’ yet).

New Year’s resolutions? … a few …
and none have anything to do with exercise or weight!

2013 in business was a really great year in most part to YOU,
family, friends, and clients.
Whether you were a mom and dad, family, graduating senior,
one of my kids or grandkids, a bride and groom,
I’m so thankful you were there.

Here, just a few shares as ‘catch up’, and of course, the wedding.
Then it’s back-to-it for a New Year!

Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee Portrait Wedding Photography

Portrait Wedding Photographer Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee

Portrait Photography Athens TennesseeAthens Tennessee Wedding Portrait Photographer

Our December 28th wedding was captured by Philip Southern and wife Angela.
Philip made it possible for me to be ‘mom’ for the day,
and downloaded files here before leaving town.
When Bonnie was gone and the excitement over, we still had fantastic pictures.
One of the most important things to remember about securing
a professional wedding photographer? DO. IT. It’s worth every penny.

Bonnie and Andrew ‘First Look’:

Athens Tennessee Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography Athens Tennessee

Guam is blessed to have this couple (it’s not bias if it’s true)!

Wedding Photography Athens Tennessee

I’ve shared my family growing up over 6 – 7 years here
and now they’re spreading away – even around the world.
But our hearts are full and we are blessed.
Nothing so sweet as seeing your kids, successfully independent, following a good path …
It’s going to be another great year with you!