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Wedding Cakes … Yum

My favorite things to photograph in any wedding are the cakes …
and the rings …
and the bride and groom …

But the cakes
I’ve seen many many beautiful and original ideas in weddings …
color schemed, themed, and hobby cakes all with special touches
personally chosen by the bride or groom … or ‘for’ either.

Etowah wedding cake athens cleveland tennessee photographer

Today a simple share of cakes from last Saturday’s wedding and a link to the
Pinterest board where I collect them with cupcakes for ideas.
Nowadays, a groom’s cake is often prepared as well,
offering a good option for taste variety and personalization.
Is your fiancé a hunter?
So is Mike …
but not this last Saturday!

Hunters wedding cake athens tennessee wedding photographer pictures

If you’re looking for more cake ideas – or cupcakes …
Follow the link to Pinterest.
Your perfect dessert may be there!