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A Fresh New Year In Print

A fresh new baby in a fresh new year

Newborn Portrait Photographer in Cleveland Athens Knoxville TN

New things to do and new people to meet, holidays over and we’re back into the
daily work routine with all the family back in their (way too far away) places.
Resolutions? … Lets say ‘goals’.
(A goal, you know, can be pushed back or adjusted giving you more time to meet it,
blow a resolution and you’re toast. Ha.)

This year
I continue to print in new and beautiful ways.
I’ll encourage you to not store pictures on your phone (small),
let them sit on a CD (forgotten), or become buried in a Facebook feed (sad).
Last year I deleted most of my personal online albums and now share
only the most recent with family and friends, and have disconnected from
“social for the sake of being social” … time and ‘life’ are restored.
Keeping up with social media can be so draining!
The current every day is now being preserved in our home, not online …
with the last goal for the year being “connect with the real people around you”.

I encourage you to do the same.
Fill your actual LIVING space, instead of the internet,
with people you love and occasions that are unique to you …
… prints that suit your style
… prints on new or unexpected materials.

Newborn Portrait Photography Cleveland Athens Knoxville TN

“Who do you want to see every day this year?”
You can create a feature wall or tabletop to make that possible.
It can changed, updated, or added to with the
newest family member or the latest special occasion, and it will offer
a million times the feeling of anything you’ll see online.
(It will also grow in value as an heirloom,
unlike images online that become buried and forgotten …
or worse – irretrievable!)

Photography in Cleveland Athens Knoxville Tennessee

Make the decision to “print and display” your life instead of “storing” it this “year”!

Newborn Portraiture in the Cleveland Athens and Knoxville TN Areas