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Mother Daughter

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I want you to be little forever and ever.
I want you to grow up absolutely never.
In my arms I want you to stay … and never … ever … go away.”

If only! …
There’s something pretty sweet about a little one old enough to walk,
yet small enough to carry.
THAT period of time passes so quickly and hand holding soon becomes
sometimes weighty guidance in which way to go …
there’s so much about this uniquely ‘little’ time to love!

One of my favorite subjects is “children with genuine expression”.
Both children and adults (given time) eventually warm up to a camera,
but even still, it’s usually just a few seconds at a time here and there
that genuine ‘selfless’ moments can be captured.
I love (and look for) those for you …
when you’re just being ‘mom’ …
and they’re full of loving.

The kiss that will last a lifetime:

Portrait Photographer Cleveland Athens TN

(Wish you could see this in large print …
brings tears to my eyes and I’m not even related
… but I can relate!)

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